Wednesday, December 2, 2009

OMG... shoes

THESE ARE AMAZING! Since I finally gave up on finding the green polka dot shoes from my previous post, I've been searching and searching for a shoe that had a ruffle around the back that didn't have a 3"+ heal... and I found them here! They are a little more than I wanted to spend on shoes ($119) but they're not that bad, and as beautiful as these puppies are, I will for sure wear them again. I like the teal color, but I also like the grey pair. My only problem is that there isn't a Nordstroms around here. I think the closest is Chicago. And I'm unwilling to pay for shipping if they don't fit and I end up needing to send them back. So now I need to plan a trip down to chicago so that I can justify driving two hours one way to buy a pair of shoes...

I totally forgot to tell you! After much searching I actually found the name of those polka dot shoes, they're from Nine West, called Gavin. Unfortunately I can't seem to find them for sale anywhere, including ebay. After reading my post, the boy ended up finding a search engine where you could upload an image to search for. So he did, and found some amazingly similar shoes. It was incredibly sweet.

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