Thursday, December 3, 2009


I will link these up when I get home.

We're going to have two 18 foot tables that will each seat 18 people (hopefully we'll only have 36 people!)

I got a Martha Stewart blue tissue pom pom kit (pictured above) on clearance for $5.99, along with the paper jackets for our invites (I'll talk about that on the next post). Working at a craft store really does have it's perks. Especially when you're the one who marks everything down to clearance. First come first serve baby!

I have about thirty 8 inch paper lanterns (49 cents each on clearance) that I'm thinking of hanging everywhere along with the pomp poms and some little wire bird cages. I've tested the idea of gluing colored tissue paper to the outside of them so that they wouldn't be so white, and it actually worked. Now the questions is whether or not I actually have the time and patience to do it...

I would love to have cascades of paper circles (pictured above), but again, I'm not sure I have the patience. It sure would look pretty!

We Have two huge blue/teal glass vases for the two long tables at the brunch along with several more smaller vases in varying colors of blue. We bought a dozen or so vintage green and clear glass goblets , like the ones pictured, from goodwill. The plan was to put some glass rock type things (which I got from work) in the bottom of them fill them with water and then float a candle in each one. But now that we're having a brunch wedding I'm not sure if it would be worth it to have candles.

Unfortunately I'm not lucky enough to have a collection of jadeite dinnerware sets. But if I was, I'd use it all! Jadeite is probably my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

I've also collected milk glass "compote" bowls of varying sizes. Some of them are large enough that they're probably considered punch bowls.

I'm not sure what i'm going to put in them because They'd take a lot of flowers to fill (which I don't really have the budget for). The boy likes the idea of putting moss in there, but moss seems pricey too. Any suggestions? I might end up using them for sweets and favors.

The table linens will most likely be a solid color blue of some kind. If I find something good to use as an over lay I'll do that, but if not, I'm planning on getting a roll of kraft paper and using it as a table runner.

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