Wednesday, March 3, 2010


They are officially in the mail! I will get pictures up asap. Other than that I haven't really been doing much wedding wise.

The boy's parents decided to help us out with the casual get together, which is amazing. They're going to set the whole thing up with finger food, and we're going to provide refreshments. And because we're saving so much money by not having the fancy dinner the night before, we're going to have some guest bags for people to take home too! We're trying to come up with local brands from Wisconsin, but so far we can only think of a few, and most of those are all cheese companies, which won't do well outside of a fridge.... bummer. Stupid wisconsin and your damn cheese.

Next on the list is making programs, wreaths, and figuring out my hair and makeup.

My hair is not long enough to do an up do easily, but i want to show off the collar of my dress, so i'd like it off of my shoulders. I used to be really good at fixing my hair, but for some reason every time I try it now, it looks like crap. On top of everything I'm going to have to leave it curly because I just know that setting everything up before the ceremony will make it get frizzy and out of place if i straighten it.
I really like this one, but my hair just isn't long or full enough to do it.
This do is AMAZING, but I just can't figure out how to do it... I've tried several times.
This one I can do, but it ends up looking messier than I'd like.

I'll post some pictures of my "hair trials" when I can.