Monday, November 16, 2009

Save the Dates

I designed them in InDesign using a picture of the Chicago skyline, and uploaded them to Vista Print where we ordered the min 100 (even though we only needed aprox 35) because it was still the cheapest option I could find. I hand wrote all the addresses (I only needed 35 remember?), slapped on a stamp and thew them in the mail. So far I haven't received any back via wrong address return mail so we should be good for the invites that we'll send out in Feb. Our return address was under the sky line on the back side, but I edited it out for this post. The whole thing ended up costing $37 including postage! Which worked out to about $1 a card. If we would have used all 100 of them (plus postage) it would have worked out to be 52 cents a card so it's definitely a cheap way to go either way (small or large wedding). The quality was good. The stock might have been a bit light weight, but we didn't have anyone complain that their card got ripped up in the mail so I guess they worked. The color was a bit more purple than blue but that's not a big deal. Over all I am very happy with them!

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