Monday, November 30, 2009

advice please

So I met this girl 8 months ago or so and we hit it off right a way. We hung out all the time and got along really well. I was super excited because she was the first real friend i'd made since moving here two years ago (know i'm lame just keep reading). When i got engaged she was super excited for me and everything was wonderful. She has since gotten a job (and moved) about half an hour away. I'm not a big talking-on-the-phone-type person so I've been reaching out to her via email. She doesn't respond. I sent her a save the date and she emailed me telling me how excited she was for the wedding and how I should call her. I sent her several more emails but again, she never responded. At this point (several months later) I'm not sure I really want her at the wedding. I haven't spoken to her since September and she won't return my emails. I guess I could be at fault for not calling her, but i don't think anyone really understands how much i hate talking on the phone! so how would i go about "uninviting her"? i haven't really sent out invitations but it's implied that you're going to be invited if i send you a save the date. I feel like i'm stuck. How would you handle this?

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  1. Hmm. That sounds a bit tricky. However, if you don't want to appear rude, if you sent her a save-the-date, you really do need to send her an invitation.

    I understand where you're coming from on the telephone communication - I really hate talking on the phone as well and would far rather chat via IM or send e-mails. However, I do have to remember sometimes that I have a few friends who detest e-mail and absolutely love to talk on the phone.

    Perhaps you two should try to meet up for hot chocolate to visit in person. Always better than either a phone or an e-mail conversation. :)

    If she's not up for a chat over a cup of hot cocoa (or coffee or tea) then chances are pretty good that she's not got much interest in continuing this friendship and she'll RSVP that she can't make it to the wedding.