Sunday, September 6, 2009

the dress

I have always LOVED wedding dresses, so i've been looking at wedding dresses for years and years and years. The second i saw the Daphne dress i fell madly, deeply in love. The thing i love the most is that it's not strapless. It seems like 98% of all wedding dresses are strapless. I don't mind the look of strapless, but i can't stand wearing a strapless bra! they are by far the most uncomfortable thing i've ever worn. And i refuse to be uncomfortable on my wedding day. The dress was made by jcrew in 2007 and sold out almost instantaneously. I've heard rumor that they're going to produce it again for the fall 2009 collection. Being plus size, it doesn't really matter if they're going to make it again because they won't make it in my size. So i did some research and found a seamstress who has actually made a version of this dress before. I contacted her and her rate is in my budget! so i've started looking for fabric. I want to have it made out of swiss dot cotton so that i can dye the dress and wear it again!

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