Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the ring

I completely forgot to tell you about the ring! When boy proposed it wasn't really a surprise. He told me that he wanted to go drive down by the lake after work. It's easily a 30 minute drive and when I asked what we'd be doing, he said, "I dunno, i just thought it'd be nice." Not his usual response about anything. He always has a reason. When I came home from work he seemed normal enough and I kept looking in his pockets for an abnormal bulges, but I couldn't see any. We ended up sitting on a bench looking out on lake Michigan and after a few minutes boy gets up. I have a feeling it's coming so I stay seated (I always thought it looked awkward when the guys get down on their knees when the girls are standing up. It's too much ground to cover when she bursts into tears and they just have to hug). He looks behind us and says something stupid about the weather and then he looks at me and says, "can I ask you a question?" This is when I KNEW it was coming and I just sat back and said, "yeah." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring, "will you marry me?" I smile and say, "yeah." and take the ring. We hug and that was that. Apparently he was nervous enough that he "forgot" to get down on one knee, which I think is adorable. I always thought that I would cry, and I'm not sure why I didn't. After all, I cry a lot. I cry about hard things like money, about mean people, about how cute puppies are, and about how the pizza place cut our pie into square pieces instead of triangles (seriously? who does that?!), but I just couldn't bring myself to cry when he proposed even though I was truly happy and I really really really want to marry the boy.

Apparently he'd had the ring for two months. He'd originally wanted to propose on our 2nd anniversary the first week of June, but it was raining so he put it off. Then, about a month later, he threw out a spontaneous suggestion to go down to Chicago for the day. He told me that he wanted to check out Graham Elliot's resaurant (he was on top chef masters) and if I wanted, we could check out Promontory Point (he'd known that I wanted to get married at PP for a while, but neither one of us had seen it in person). At the time I thought it would be super cute if he e proposed at PP and then we ended up getting married there, but we didn't really get to stay very long because security "kicked" us out of the building (which was wide open by the way). We had a fabulous lunch (Thanks Graham!) and then we started walking back to our car that we had parked downtown. Boy stopped me and asked if I wanted to see the botanical garden. I thought this was odd because he hadn't mentioned it before, and I'm not a huge fan of gardens or flowers really. He'd been complaining about his feet hurting and I had been super cranky because I started my period and had to stop at a pharmacy on Michigan ave to buy some tampons, so I told him that I just wanted to go home. Little did I know that if we had wound up at the garden he would have proposed!

Oh yeah! the ring! So it's a emerald cut green quartz set in sterling silver. I had told him that if/when he proposed that I wanted a non-diamond ring and that I would prefer a green quartz. So I got exactly what I wanted. It's a little bigger than is really practical, but I'm getting used to it.
For the last month we've been looking at wedding bands on etsy. The boy is one of those people who has the image of the perfect thing in his head and will search tirelessly trying to find it. Just yesterday he looked at 1400 rings on etsy. I saw this ring and new instantly that it was going to be my wedding band. The boy ordered it last night and it will be here in a few weeks. I'm super excited about it. So excited that I think I'm going to ask him to keep it from me so that I don't start wearing it around before the wedding, which is still so far away! I'm going to have 8 months to wait!

Meanwhile, the boy is still looking for the perfect band. I'll let you know when he finds one.


  1. Your ring is absolutely beautiful...I am from the east coast so i totally love the seaglass theme, best of luck to you! and looooove your dog by the way!!!

  2. So sweet. I knew Michael's proposal was coming as well, but I still wouldn't have changed it for anything. :)

    (I found your blog via the votes on Ruffled Blog. Thanks for voting for us!)