Monday, January 4, 2010

new year

nothing much is happening with the wedding planning, which is why i haven't posted. We're still looking into a different venue for the "preception" but we haven't had any luck yet.

I just realized though that i have less than a month an a half before i need to send out my invites, so we better figure it out quickly!

I'm anxiously awaiting my packet from my dress maker with her sketch and a swatch of fabric.

On another note... I found out that my great aunt (my namesake) left her diamond wedding ring to my mother when she died. My mother never used it for anything and just now told me about it. She's said that the setting is horribly old fashioned (i've never seen it) but she's offering it up to me as a wedding present. It's in the mail as well, so we'll just have to see how ugly this thing is! I can't imagine that it would be terribly expensive to have it reset in silver.

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